Learn how to paint landscapes and seascapes with the palette knife using oils on canvas. Topics to be covered include: knife strokes, composition, natural color mixing, value and chroma. Learning these basic concepts will help you add depth to your paintings, establish a focus and create drama by using highlights and shadows. This class is open to anyone who enjoys painting and wants to expand their abilities!


Thursdays   1pm - 4:00pm

$150.00 for 4 consecutive classes

To reserve your space or for more information about private lessons/workshops, please call (808) 398-8178 or email

Hawaiian Graphics
1923 S. Beretania Street

Honolulu, Hawaii  96826

(808) 973-7171



Cadmium Yellow Light
Cadmium Orange
Red (Grumbacher)
Alizarin Crimson
Gold Ochre (Grumbacher)
Burnt Sienna (Winsor Newton)
Ultramarine Violet
French Ultramarine Blue
Cinnabar Green Light (Rembrandt)
Thalo Yellow Green (Grumbacher)
Sap Green
Turquoise Blue
Kings Blue (Rembrandt)
Manganese Blue
Titanium White (soft formula)


Painting Easel
3 1/2" Palette Knife
Color Wheel
Value Scale
1/8" Extra Soft Charcoal Sticks
Masterson Paint Container,
   with 11" x 16" paper palette to fit
Paper Towels
Plastic Grocery Bags
Baby Wipes